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Gold Necklace & Bracelet


One of the most imperative accessories in a classy dress in high heels is a necklace. Don’t worry if your favorite chain is broken and you plan to wear it for that significant occasion. Our jewelry experts can make it better than the first moment it grabbed your heart from that jewelry store’s outside window.  Whether it’s a gold, silver, or diamond necklace with challenging fixes that seem nearly impossible, we got you covered. 

When you visit our store, our experts will look at it and observe how extensive the damage is and what we can do to repair it. Old inherited necklaces require extensive expertise. Our jewelry specialists can expertly handle all types of breakdowns, so you can rest assured that we will repair your necklace. 

Do not miss another day without your preferred jewelry pieces, but fix that at the best prices available at the most reliable jewelry store. Our experts are the best ones to trust when it comes to the Royal Palm Beach area, so do not hesitate to reach out and knock on our door.


Necklace Buyers Royal Palm Beach

Necklace trading is an advantageous approach in jewelry stores nowadays, yet you should carefully choose your buyers. If you have a necklace and want to sell it, our store offers a perfect opportunity for the best value, after a detailed evaluation and the highest price. All of our analyses are for free once you visit our store. The assessment is based on the three parameters by our recognized experts. First of all, there is the fineness of gold (karat value), jewelry quality, and finish.

We will examine platinum, silver, gold, and diamond quality. According to our previous deals, our clients are happily satisfied since we pay more than our competition, and you are in no obligation to sell your jewelry after the evaluation. Did we mention that you will receive instant payment in cash?

We appreciate your time and busy schedule, so give us a call to complete the appraisal online. Flexibility about prices is one of our top advantages.  For any reason, we would love to know your price expectations and offer a perfect deal for both parties.

Gold, Silver, and Diamond Necklace Repairs

Whether you want to buy, sell or repair your necklace, and live in Royal Palm Beach, visiting XO Jewelers is your best action. 

We’re open from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 

Nevertheless, we’re looking forward to picking up our phone from your call at +1 (561) 7793182 or responding as soon as possible to your email.

Our friendly specialists will be delighted to help you with all your inquiries and book our expert’s work as promptly as possible. Palm Beach County area locals know that XO Jewelers are a trustworthy firm that can care for diverse types of jewelry repairs. Also, our company can purchase and sell the highest quality jewelry. Our team comprises significant professionals in this field, which resulted in numerous satisfied customers over the years.


Your favorite jewelry needs a repair? Let us take care of you!