How To Wear A Watch: The Ultimate Guide

A watch on a man's hand

Which Hand Should You Wear a Watch On

A watch is a great way to add something stylish and eye-catching to your outfit. Choosing your watch is tricky, so we’ve prepared a guide for it!

Selecting a watch.

The first step to wearing a watch is selecting the right one. There are many different styles and shapes of wristwatches, each with its own set of benefits. When choosing a watch, the most important thing is that it fits comfortably on your wrist. If you can easily slip the watch off, it’s too tight or too big for you. When choosing a watch based on its style, think about the frequency of your events and how you will wear it. For example, if you want a dressier look, consider a metal one instead of leather or silicone bands.

Choosing the right watch for different situations.

The best watch for a professional event is fine and not too flashy. The watch should not draw attention away from the person wearing it. It should also be big enough to see easily but small enough to be sleek. A good watch for a casual occasion could have an interesting pattern or design that is playful and accessible.

Match your watch to your shoes.

Achieving a good match of color and style is very important for wearing a watch. For example, if you’re wearing formal attire, the watch should have the same level of formality. As an alternative, if you wear casual clothes with a nice casual watch, you can wear that outfit with an elegant watch. Choose a sporty style for your watch if you are a sneakers fan and a casual one for daily activities if you are prompt to use boots, boat shoes, or flip-flops.

Choose appropriate material.

There are many different styles of watches to choose from. You can find a watch with a simple design that matches your everyday style, or you can invest in a more elegant timepiece for dressier occasions. Choosing a go-to watch that you can wear on different occasions is essential. Watches are a great accessory, but you should always think of their band material and mechanism. If you’re looking for an everyday outfit, go for a simple watch with a leather strap or rubber band. Stainless steel is a widespread alternative for all occasions and outfits.

Formal Watches Based on Gender.

Women tend to have a different closet only for shoes. That’s because, in most formal events, watches must combine with their dresses. For example, some white pearls require a white gold watch, and so goes on. On the other hand, formal watches for a man are a status symbol. Thus, purchasing accessories such as gold cufflinks need a second thought to combine with a gold watch. If you wear a watch, you should know when it is appropriate to wear it. For example, wearing a wristwatch is not suitable for a black-tie event.

When considering a sports watch?

Sports watches are lightweight, comfortable, and durable. These features make them perfect for running or any other athletic activity. They also tend to be water-resistant and have many functions like GPS tracking and heart rate monitoring. If you are going to be doing any physical activity, it’s best to wear a sports watch. They are designed specifically for these purposes, and they are also water-resistant and durable. Sports watches can be worn while swimming or exercising to track your progress and calories burned.

Do not neglect to wear a pocket watch.

As weird as it sounds, pocket watches are becoming incredibly important in 2022. Women adore the new trend of wearing pocket watches as a long pendant necklace or attached to the shirt with a decorative pin. There are many alternatives for men who prefer pocket watches. They can wear it with a waistcoat, attach it to the belt loop where they can easily check it frequently, and still look fashionable.

Which hand do you wear a watch on?

The most common hand to wear a watch is the left hand. That’s because it was originally designed for use in horseback racing. The rider would hold the reins to steer his horse with his right hand, and he would need to be able to check how fast they were running. Since most people are right-handed, they would naturally wear their watch on their left wrist so that they could see it without taking their hands off of the reins.

Wearing a Wrist Watch Properly.

Are we explicit in defining which hand you wear a watch on accurately? We must outline other tips, such as the ideal diameter and the wrist position.

Hand Watch Size

The face of the watch must be inside of your wrist, and the push-pins on the outside. Wear it with a long-sleeved shirt or jacket if you have a metal watch. If you have a leather band watch, make sure that it is not too tight not to stretch out your arm. Their diameters are measured in millimeters. The average size is about 34mm-50mm but not larger than 50mm. The ideal dimensions vary about 34mm-40mm for both genders.

Wear your watch beside your wrist bone.

When choosing a wristwatch, it is important to know how to wear it. It should be worn on the side of your wrist bone. This makes it easy to see the time. When you don’t wear the watch in this way, it can create pain in your hand, arm, and shoulder. The entire front side of the watch should be visible for the wearer to tell what time it is easy.


This article’s purpose was to provide comprehensive and helpful information about hand watches. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about this beautiful antique accessory. The best choice is to buy an everyday watch that you can wear with just about anything. Please don’t skimp on watch quality by buying the cheapest one you see because they are usually pretty cheaply made. Don’t break the bank on a watch unless it’s worth the investment. Finally, make sure your wrist fits in the watch before purchasing it, so you don’t worry about taking it back.

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