How To Fix A Broken Necklace

A guide to fixing your broken necklace

Steps to Fixing a Broken Necklace

If you struggle to find ways to fix a broken necklace, use this quick guide from our jewelry specialists, follow our simple steps and fix your chain at home. 

When preparing for a special event, we all have a necklace in mind to combine our favored outfit. It’s the most unfortunate issue when our pendant falls, or the chain gets broken. Still, our specialists have listed a few simple steps we can all apply to our broken chain and repair it at home. One method that we’re sure you have applied as much as we have is to hold the broken pieces together and glue them. Another way is to dry clean a fallen pendant and use a pin to secure the ends or glue the ends of the broken chain to other chains in your jewelry box. Regardless of the damage, there are quite a few simple steps you might want to consider to evaluate how you can fix it before knocking on a jewelry store’s front door.

Step 1: Verify the damage.

The first step is to carefully take a look and analyze what happened to your necklace. Our jewelers verify if the damage occurred to the brail, the pendant, or the stone’s surface. In case of breaks of bails or missing stones, that’s something more complicated to fix. Thus, it’s vital to keep the fallen elements.

Step 2: Estimate the design.

Whether you are wearing a broken necklace or it is held together with alternative means such as pins, you should consider its material and pattern to make the proper adjustments. You may have to revise the clasp at the back of the necklace or take the chain off and reattach it. If you prefer to use a particular necklace as your daily lucky charm, it’s better to pay attention to minor fixes like enforcing the clasps or adding some glue over the stone so it won’t fall. If the gemstones require proficient work depending on the stone’s delicate surface, or you’re fearful of scratching a golden exterior, then it is time to contact your jeweler specialist.

Step 3: Reparation Time

If there are no critical issues and your repair does not risk the necklace design, there are quite a few home-made repairs you can do. One of these methods is to utilize a piece of string. This will serve as the new string in place of the original one. Another option is using wire cutters. You can also wrap the broken chain in aluminum foil then use glue to stick the pieces back together. When a broken necklace is brought to our store, our experienced jewelers can fix it by utilizing the latest technology on the market.

Step 4: Complete the final touch 

After evaluating the first three steps, you’re close to giving the final touch and polishing the reparation process. For example, while fixing a fallen pendant, you might need to take the clasp apart to finish the fix. The pin needs to be taken apart by removing one end of the chain and opening it up with a pair of pliers. To use the pliers, apply some pressure on either side of the clasp and push inwards. Do not put too much force, or you could break the chain. Next, take a needle or pin to make small holes on either side of the broken piece. Make sure that all parts are separated and smooth out any rough edges with a file. Then, utilize a hot glue gun for both ends of the chain to be even. Lastly, attach your clasp to the necklace and enjoy using it again. Still, depending on the fix, sometimes you need professional help with your chain. 


The key to fixing a broken necklace is to take it apart and put it back together. Our jewelry specialists urge clients to revise their jewels consistently. In this way, you won’t need to clean or fix treasures, and you won’t risk not wearing your favorite necklace as the lucky charm of a special occasion. We can relate to the instant wish to repair your pendant or pin, but you must ensure if you know how to fix a broken necklace without damaging it even worse or search the best jewelry store near you. 

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